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December 2018
Articles > Evangelistic

Finding the Creator

As a teenager, sadly, I had no time for God, but I believed that there was a Creator. In the early 1950s I left Sheffield, having been called up for national service and I was stationed at RAF Chivenor in North Devon. One day when off-duty and visiting Rock Park in Barnstaple I noticed…

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April 2000
Articles > Historical

Evangelical Spirituality

Down to the eighteenth century, theologians regularly considered the concept of beauty to be central to any discussion of the divine nature. Evangelical theologians were no exception to this. As they read the Bible, especially the Hebrew Scriptures, they were struck by various places where God is described as beautiful. Old Testament evidence For…

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January 1995
Articles > Biblical/theological

Maker of Heaven and Earth

The fact that God is the Creator of all things is the indispensable foundation upon which all other beliefs of Christianity are based. One of the ways we know God is through what we see around us: God is he who made the universe. That is his status. On this affirmation hangs everything we…

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