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All articles & reviews tagged with depravity


March 2020
Articles > Comment

Have environmental instincts, but beware of another gospel

In this edition of Evangelical Times, Alan Thomas has some strong things to say about ‘The gospel of Greta’ (p.21). He is surely right to highlight the dangers of presenting anyone other than Christ as a messiah figure. And he is also surely right to say that we as evangelicals should have ‘environmental instincts’…

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February 1999
Articles > Ecclesiological & Pastoral

The beast from the black lagoon

Have you ever been attacked by the beast from the black lagoon? No? Well, that black beast from the depths surfaced the other day and knocked me senseless with one of its slimy tentacles. It sent me reeling. By the way, it's called depravity. Not 'depravity' in the sense of degrading behaviour, but in…

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December 1996
Articles > Historical

Some things have not changed

Believers today may easily become despondent as they look at the state of the world. Sin and corruption abound and there is little true preaching of the gospel in evidence. However, although the evidences of the abandoning of Scripture and apostasy in the church may change and even become more apparent, basically these problems…

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