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All articles & reviews tagged with doctrines-of-grace


March 2000
Articles > Historical

The Synod of Dort

The date is Monday 6 May 1619. The place is the ‘Great Church’ in the influential city of Dordrecht (or Dort) in the central Netherlands. Since November 1618 (300 years ago, this month) the Great Synod of Dort has been meeting daily; a total of 154 sessions have been held. It is thought that…

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January 2002
Articles > Canada

Missionary Spotlight: Reformation in Canada – a personal perspective

My wife and I emigrated to Canada in 1963. We settled in Toronto, where I did pharmaceutical work with Glaxo. I had a number of opportunities to preach the gospel, and after two years was asked to become interim pastor of a small church 40 miles from Toronto. In 1966, I left Glaxo and…

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