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February 2020
News > International

Netherlands: society ‘rotting’ from the core through drugs

The Netherlands has the ‘characteristics of a narco-state’ and its society is rotting from the core, experts have claimed. In a lengthy report for the BBC in December last year, reporter Anna Holligan cited evidence and testimony from experts which revealed criminal activity has penetrated deeply into Dutch society as a result of The…

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November 2017
Articles > Historical

It was 50 years ago

The Beatles rose to the heights of fame and fortune with an image of youthful naivety and charm, but it came at a cost. When private remarks by John Lennon were taken as self-aggrandising blasphemy in the USA (Lennon denied this was his intention), church youth groups rallied at concert venues to burn Beatles…

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December 1996
Articles > Cultural and Ethical

Peace – the answer to drugs

It was Saturday and I was sitting in the jam-packed chapel at the children's private school (nominally Catholic, with over twelve hundred students) with at least three hundred and fifty other parents, the vast majority of whom are well-educated members of the Marseille bourgeoisie. M. José B., the school's concerned and devoted headmaster, had…

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