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June 2017
News > Persecution

India – Hindu nationalism threatens India

Attacks against Christians in India have been rising at an alarming rate, according to reports from Christian advocacy group Release International. Reports from the Hindu-majority country have described an ‘upswing’ in politically motivated attacks since the March 2017 elections, which saw a landslide victory for Hindu nationalists. According to a statement from Release, the…

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August 1997

Missionary Spotlight – India

Over 1,200,000 square miles. Bounded by China, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan. To the north there are the Himalayan mountains and in the plains the great rivers of Ganges, Indus and Brahmaputra. India, with over 900 million people, is predicted to overtake China soon as the world’s most populous country. Capital: New…

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