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All articles & reviews tagged with incarnation


December 2019
Reviews > Book

Come and Behold Him: Christmas Through Different Eyes

I found this little book both refreshing and stimulating. In such a short compass, we see the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ through the eyes of fourteen characters in the Bible. These are helpfully grouped in time sequence, beginning with Old Testament prophecies in Micah, Isaiah, Job and Malachi, and continuing with the…

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December 1998
Articles > Evangelistic

God with us

The wonder of the Incarnation Sometimes we say a thing 'seems too good to be true', though we are not really doubting its truth. Sometimes we say that 'fact is stranger than fiction', because that is just how it can seem. Sometimes a thing is so unexpected, so unbelievable, that we say it cannot…

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June 1998
Articles > Biblical/theological

The presence of Christ

The Christian thirsts for the nearness of Christ. This should not be difficult to understand. We know what it is to be close to our loved ones. That is why families gather at festive times of the year and for birthdays and anniversaries. A sense of closeness, and of connection, deepens and strengthens natural…

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