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June 2020
Articles > Ecclesiological & Pastoral > News > Interviews

Interview with John MacArthur (part two)

This is the second part of a recent interview with John MacArthur, pastor of Grace Community Church in California. Each month millions around the world listen to his sermons through radio broadcasts or the Grace to You website. ET: Judgements regarding separation are tricky, for example when you associate or not. How much agreement…

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May 2020
Articles > Cultural and Ethical

Interview with John MacArthur

John MacArthur is American evangelicalism’s elder statesman. Still pastoring Grace Community Church in liberal California after over half a century, he is also chancellor of The Master’s Seminary on the church’s campus and The Master’s University on a campus nearby. Millions listen monthly around the world to his sermons through radio broadcasts or the…

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November 2019
Articles > General

An interview with Phil Johnson

GraceLife London hosted the Summer Institute in August. During the conference, Raj Sahota interviewed Phil Johnson, a speaker at the event and Executive Director of Grace To You ministries. Can you tell us about the ministry of Grace To You? For over fifty years, Grace To You has existed to use mass media to…

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September 2019
Reviews > Book

Remaining Faithful in Ministry: 9 essential convictions for every pastor

As the title suggests, this book is mainly directed at ministers, though occasional preachers and those considering going into the ministry would greatly benefit from its content. Dr MacArthur begins by stating that, despite having two godly ministers in his family, his father and grandfather, his ministry is most influenced by the Apostle Paul.…

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