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January 2019
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John G. Paton: Missionary to the Cannibals of the South Seas

This is an excellent book. John Paton left his native Scottish soil and set sail with his wife and infant son for the mission field 160 years ago. His destination was the New Hebrides: a cluster of islands in the Pacific discovered by Captain Cook in the previous century. Tragically, one of Paton’s first…

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John Paton- King of the cannibals


January 2007
Articles > Historical

John Paton- King of the cannibals

John Gibson Paton was born on 24 May 1824 to Christian parents, James and Janet Gibson who lived at Dumfries, Scotland. The day he was born his parents had made a solemn covenant to freely give him back to the Lord they loved and served. The Patons belonged to Dumfries Reformed Presbyterian Church which…

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