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July 2017
News > Politics

Politics – Tawney Dialogue 2017

In Evangelical Times March 2017, Shirin Aguiar reported on the Conservative Christian Fellowship’s Wilberforce Address. In April, Shirin also attended Labour’s ‘Christians on the Left’ annual address — the Tawney Dialogue; here, she reports on its two keynote speeches. The Tawney Dialogue is named after Christian Socialist R. H. Tawney. At the 2017 event,…

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December 1996
Articles > Biblical/theological

Sharpening the blade

In spite of what many people think, hard work is good for you! Work is like a whetstone which sharpens the edge of a blade. If you really want to have a sharp cutting edge, then you must always do your best. Some people are good workers; others work at trying to escape work!…

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