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August 2019
Articles > Ecclesiological & Pastoral

Taking a gamble

How many times has it happened over the past few weeks? I’m accosted by a smiling lady as I leave the supermarket. ‘Hi, we’re raising funds for the local hospital. Would you like to buy a lottery ticket?’ One of the neighbours’ children is standing on the doorstep looking hopeful. ‘We’ve got a raffle…

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December 2018
News > Society

Society – Children complain about gambling ads bombardment

Highschool children in Salisbury have spoken out about being bombarded with gambling ads. St Joseph’s School has been helping its older pupils to understand the methods gambling companies use to get and keep customers. 15-year-old Bryn, from St Joseph’s, recalled seeing a gambling ad where a James Bond-style character was shown to be gambling…

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January 1995

A National Scandal

The National Lottery is a national scandal. It is State-sponsored selfishness; Government-led worship at the shrine of godless gain. Speaking ethically, gambling is immoral. It is an attempt to get something for nothing, a means of gaining a living not by honest labour but at the expense of others. It is a moral disease,…

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