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May 2018
News > Science

Science – Gene therapy for Mars explorers

Scientists are developing ways to help astronauts survive high levels of radiation in space, and even get them to Mars without the deadly exposure expected during three years of space travel. Talking to the Guardian newspaper, astronaut Commander Scott Kelly called radiation a ‘known hazard’. And, while scientists are planning manned trips to the…

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September 1997
Articles > Scientific (including creation)

Sojourner probes the surface of Mars

After seven months travelling through space, NASA's Mars Pathfinder Mission achieved a successful landing on the surface of the red planet late on 4 July. The six-wheeled robotic vehicle, named Sojourner, has been actively nosing up to selected boulders and carrying out extensive analyses of their composition. The rocks have been given names designed…

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May 1997
Articles > Cults and other religions

The martians are coming!

The man who declared eight months ago that NASA had discovered evidence of life on Mars has now admitted, 'It's too early to come to a final conclusion about life on Mars. We're still in the discovery process.' Delivering a progress report at the twenty-eighth annual conference on Lunar and Planetary Science (19 March,…

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