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December 2019
Articles > Evangelistic

A lonely Christmas and a miserable New Year?

‘I hate Christmas’ John responded. I felt guilty. I had been making small talk with him before I departed to see my next patient (I see patients in their own homes). I should have remembered that he had no family, at least none in regular contact. I might have noticed that not only did…

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August 2019
News > Church news > News in brief > Science

Andy McIntosh outreach event

At an evangelistic event held at a York hotel in May, thermodynamics professor Andy McIntosh spoke of atheism’s inadequacy to explain science, reason, ethics and meaning. He said, ‘This line of reasoning has resonated with unbelievers at these evangelistic events.’ Over 100 sceptics and believers attended with much discussion following.

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October 2001
Articles > Cultural and Ethical

The hero inside

The advertising industry is often regarded as the lowest form of life on the planet. ‘We may be manipulators, exploiters of your every weakness and cunning cultivators of your every fantasy, but at least you can rely on us to be truthful, decent, legal and honest’. Or so they say. Whether this common perception…

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