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October 2019
Articles > Ecclesiological & Pastoral

Darkness and Light: Hallowe’en and Reformation Day

We dread the last week of October. Why? Because we have a nervous dog. The closer we get to the end of October, the more reluctant he is to leave the house, especially after dark. He’ll stiffen his legs and refuse to move. He’ll whine and shake. He’ll search for hiding-places: under the stairs,…

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January 2019
News > Conferences

Belarus: Reformation Day conference

Reformation Day was commemorated at a conference in Minsk organised on behalf of Evangelical Press Missionary Trust (EPMT). Around 40 attended the Belarus conference chaired by Pastor Slava Viazovski. The speaker was Jonathan Stobbs, chair of EPMT and pastor of Penzance Baptist Church. He spoke on Martin Luther and John Calvin, and how these…

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