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All articles & reviews tagged with repression


May 2020
News > International

China: churches continue to suffer under harsh government crackdown

Churches in China are continuing to suffer as the state-sanctioned action against Christianity has ploughed ahead. In an effort to make Christianity conform to Chinese communism, and not like ‘Western’ Christianity, the government has been putting increasing pressure on churches in the mainland. According to reports from advocacy group Release International and China Aid,…

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January 2020
Articles > Comment

Free speech is our freedom to preach the gospel

Free speech is more than just a civil liberty. For us as evangelicals, it’s our freedom to tell people the good news of Jesus Christ. Therefore, we welcome the settlement between Cumbria Police and street preacher Dale Mcalpine. Yes, there are some cranky street preachers out there who make us all wince. But many…

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