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November 2018
Articles > Biblical/theological > Scientific (including creation)

Paul’s use of Genesis 1-3 in Romans 1

What the apostle Paul teaches in Romans 1:18-32 is central to an apologetic argument for the existence of God; and central to understanding why people reject God’s existence, and the consequences that flow from that rejection. We can see Paul working out Genesis 1-3 in Romans 1 in three specific areas — creation, spirituality…

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October 2019
Reviews > Book

30-day devotional – Romans 5-8

My hopes were high: a much-loved author on much-loved chapters. But I was disappointed. First, because of the book’s brevity. Each of its 30 daily readings is compressed into two small pages, with room for only a fleeting half-thought which barely scratches the surface. Second, the content is organised unevenly. Elizabeth McQuoid has reworked…

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October 1998
Articles > Historical

Spurgeon on Calvinism

The 8th chapter of Romans and the 9th are the very pillars of that gospel which men now call ‘Calvinism’. No man, after having read these chapters attentively and having understood them, can deny that the doctrines of sovereign, distinguishing grace are the sum and substance of the teaching of the Bible. I do…

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November 1997
Articles > Biblical/theological

Only a secretary

Tertius is only mentioned on one occasion in the whole of Scripture. We find his name at the end of Paul's epistle to the Romans where he sends his greetings to the saints in Rome, introducing himself as the one who 'wrote this epistle' (Romans 16:22). This does not mean, of course, that the…

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