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All articles & reviews tagged with second-coming


November 2019

Waiting for the Lord’s Return

I grew up with some very mixed-up ideas about the Second Coming. I hope I have a clearer understanding of the subject than I had then. Of course, I still have lots of unanswered questions about the great event. But the question I ask myself more than any other is this: ‘how much do…

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September 2018
Reviews > Book

Primer Issue 05 – Coming Soon – How to live and lead in the light of the world to come

This volume of ‘Primer’ is an introduction to eschatological themes in five chapters. Stephen Witmer outlines various views on the coming of the kingdom, opting for the inaugurated eschatology model: the kingdom is both already here and still to come as well. John Stevens reviews the elements of biblical eschatology and discusses where evangelicals…

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June 1999
Articles > Biblical/theological

Eschatology: The Rapture

In considering matters of the future it must be plainly understood that human beings can know only what God chooses to reveal to them. You might think you know which team will win a football match. But you will be proven wrong many times. You might say who will win the next political election.…

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