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March 2019
News > Society

Britain’s ‘first trans family’ now changing their son, 5, to a girl

A Scottish couple once dubbed Britain’s ‘first transgender family’ have announced that they are encouraging the gender transition of their five-year-old son, Jayden. According to the couple, Jayden, a male, likes dresses and hates ‘everything about being a boy’. Parent Greg Rogers, who was born a woman, said: ‘We’ve had people saying we’re using Jayden for attention and that she just wants to be a girl because I changed sex’. Greg’s partner Jody said Jayden ‘came out and told us she hates being a boy and that she’s actually a girl. She wanted to wear girls’ clothes so we decided to go with the flow...

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March 2019
Articles > Cultural and Ethical

8 ways your church should respond to the transgender agenda

In the last edition of ET, I examined the transgender agenda. What is it? Where did it come from? Where is it heading? This time I ask, how should churches respond? I suggest there are at least eight things we must do. 1. We need to provide biblical teaching about God’s good purpose in creating men and women. Our congregations need to be equipped to respond to the demands for ‘transgender rights’ with scriptural truth. The transsexual maintains that their felt ‘gender’ overrides biological reality. But our creation design teaches us that God has made us male and female to reflect his glory in every...

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