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All articles & reviews tagged with state-regulation


June 2019
News > Ethics

Beware of plans to regulate the internet, groups warn

Government proposals to police the internet by imposing fines on websites which fail to tackle ‘online harms’ have come under criticism from free speech groups. Five civil liberties organisations have written a joint letter to the press saying the plans, if enacted, would make China’s state censors proud. The five groups are English PEN,…

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Articles > Comment

Online censorship in the name of regulation?

I wouldn’t blame you if it has slipped you by, but the government has released new proposals to regulate the entire internet. It wants to fine websites that fail to tackle ‘online harms’. It proposes to set up a new independent watchdog which will introduce a ‘code of practice’. What’s that got to do…

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May 2019
News > Religious liberty > Society

Home school registration plans unveiled

Plans to force home-schooling families in England to register with their local authority have been unveiled by the government, drawing great concern. The current law does not require parents to notify the authorities that they are educating their children at home, although some councils run a voluntary register. Many home-schoolers will be wary of…

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