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September 2017
News > Youth

Student pressures — caught between conformity and condemnation

Across the UK, students are preparing to start at university and college, while others are entering the workplace. But for Christians there is the additional challenge of the pressure to conform. Universities and colleges received 469,490 applications this year from UK students, according to UCAS data. Meanwhile, statistics from Universities UK suggest some 90…

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July 2017
Articles > Youth Features

‘I’m a creationist … get me out of here! How to handle evolution at school or college

So you’re a Christian young person studying science? You believe in creation because that’s what the Bible teaches, but you’re wondering how to handle the issue at school or college. You have some difficult decisions to make. Will you openly challenge what you’re being taught about evolution, or will you keep quiet? Will you…

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January 1999

Students away from home

For many students who have recently left home to go away to college or university, this can be a difficult and dangerous time in their Christian lives. To come from a secure, even sheltered, Christian home and be plunged into the quicksands of modern student culture, can prove to be too much for some.…

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