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May 2019
Articles > World Mission

What in the world is happening to missions? Training and parachurch organisations

This is the second in a series of four articles in which experienced missionary Will Niven asks some searching and important questions about the current evangelical approach to missions. Last time, in my first article, I highlighted what I perceive to be some of the problems with volunteerism and finances within the current evangelical…

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Reviews > Book

Test, Train, Affirm, & Send Into Ministry: Recovering the Local Church’s Responsibility in the External Call

This book is written against the author’s concern that students are enrolling at theological seminaries and entering the ministry without anyone adequately testing their calling or being responsible for sending them out. He assumes here that ‘the ministry’ is the pastoral ministry, including preaching. He asserts that the model of the pastor is King…

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November 1996
Articles > Ecclesiological & Pastoral

Learning to preach at a distance

The colleges are into their new academic year: never so many students undergoing higher education; never so many universities in debt. More than half will be running at a loss by the end of the decade. Increasing numbers of students are taking part-time jobs, as always has been the case in the USA. Others,…

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