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May 2021
Articles > Cultural and Ethical

Don’t fill every open moment with content

When I’m waiting in line to order my drink at a coffee shop, my automatic instinct is to grab for my phone. Not to do anything necessary, of course; just to scroll aimlessly for the minute or two before it’s my turn to order. Maybe I can catch a few tweets, headlines, or Instagram…

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June 2020
News > Guest Column

More than words: Voice, translation, and teachers

Thirty years ago I submitted my final year undergraduate project: a computer conferencing program for Unix workstations. Unlike the conferencing apps we’re all using today, thanks to Coronavirus, it didn’t include photos, audio, or video — it was simply words typed onto a screen. However, it did have emojis as part of trying to…

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April 2019
Articles > Ecclesiological & Pastoral

A shrink thinks: Unconscious sin

As you pray, you have finished your adoration of God, thanked him for his amazingly gracious love for us in Jesus Christ and praised him for all his blessings day after day. Then you come to your confession of sin….and grind to a halt. Of course you haven’t physically broken any of the commandments,…

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