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December 2019
News > Religious liberty

Equality agenda has eroded human rights

The equality agenda has gone far beyond ensuring fairness and has ended up eroding fundamental human rights, an author and religious liberty lawyer has claimed. In a blog post for Christian Concern, Roger Kiska said the ‘juggernaut’ of equality has been riding roughshod through basic human rights in both the US and the UK…

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May 2019
News > International

Australia: Rugby star ‘sacked’ for expressing biblical beliefs

Rugby authorities in Australia have terminated Israel Folau’s contract after a social media post in which he bluntly expressed the Bible’s teaching. The rugby star, regarded as one of the best players in the world, posted an image with a message on his Instagram account. The words in the image said, ‘Warning: Drunks, Homosexuals,…

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January 2019
News > Society

School wanted boy to take part in ‘gay pride’ march. Mum told to ‘be quiet’

Christian mum, Izzy Montague, went to her child’s primary school to raise concerns that her five-year-old son had been asked to take part in a ‘gay pride’ march, but was confronted with a member staff wearing an insulting T-shirt. The T-shirt carried the slogan, ‘Why be racist, sexist, homophobic, or transphobic when you could…

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Reviews > Book

The Quest for True Tolerance: Searching For a Tolerance That Does Not Make Society Sick

Tolerance is one of the iconic ‘must have’ virtues that define 21st century western society. It is widely assumed that tolerance is unquestionably right, and that society is indisputably better for the liberal tendencies it encourages. This modern passion for tolerance led, in Britain, to the Human Rights Act 1998, which gave legal effect…

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December 2005

The tyranny of tolerance

No-one likes being accused of intolerance. It is the ultimate put-down. To be branded 'intolerant' puts you in the same category as a fascist or a bigot. For many people, tolerance is the ultimate virtue. But this creates a paradox - as a society we can tolerate anything but intolerance! Instinctively we want to…

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September 1999
Articles > Historical

Oliver Cromwell – Toleration in an Intolerant Age

‘More often than not, in Puritan England, toleration was a dirty word. It stood not for an edifying principle but an impious policy’. So wrote Blair Worden, then of St Edmund's Hall, Oxford, in an essay on Cromwellian toleration written in 1984.1 To grant ‘a toleration’ was to make ‘an expedient concession to wickedness’.…

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