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February 2019
Articles > Cultural and Ethical

What is the transgender agenda?

No one can ignore the current demands for ‘transsexual rights’. Both the UK and Scottish governments are considering proposals to make ‘changing sex’ as easy as buying a TV licence. Our instinctive reaction may be to assume that the demand for ‘transsexual (or transgender) rights’ is mainly about protecting a tiny minority of troubled…

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January 2019
News > Society

Church of England begins new services for transgender people

The Church of England has issued new pastoral guidance, creating baptismal-style services to welcome trans people into the Anglican faith. The guidance urges clergy to refer to transsexuals by their new name and suggests presenting them with gifts, such as a Bible inscribed in their chosen name, or a certificate. The guidance notes, ‘For…

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December 2017
News > Ethics

Ethics – Gender identity warning

It is extremely rare for children to have true gender identity concerns, a lead clinician at a gender identity clinic for children has stated. According to Professor Gary Butler, clinical lead at the UK Gender Identity Development service, only ‘one child born in every 20,000’ experiences transsexual feelings. He made the comments during a…

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