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November 2019
News > Conferences

Students attend inaugural ‘Truth in Science Summer School’ in Solihull

Nearly 30 students gathered for the first Truth in Science Summer School in St. Swithin’s House, near Solihull on 6 and 7 September. They heard sessions on Medicine (particularly Medical Ethics), Biology, Geology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Education and Theology. Experts in all these fields then spoke to smaller groups of students in these same areas.…

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July 2018
Articles > World Mission

Creation in the UK and Europe

Professor Andy McIntosh reports on creation ministry in the UK and Europe from April to May 2018. He also shares an encouraging email from Indonesia. Italy (30 March–1 April) It was a privilege to serve in Southern Italy again, with the Association of Biblical Creation, and good friends Antonio and Antonietta Cicerale, along with…

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