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All articles & reviews tagged with persecution


April 1998
Articles > World Mission > Asia > Eastern Asia > China

Missionary Spotlight-China – Churches still under pressure

We sat under the coconut palms, on an island off the coast of south China, as the young Chinese pastor shared with me the pressures upon his church. His church had been formed in 1992 and grew rapidly to over 200 people. The believers built a large church building with a palm-thatched roof. But…

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December 1997
Articles > Guest column

Guest Column – Cross bearing

The Lord Jesus took up his cross, knowing that at the end of the road he would be nailed to it and there die. The cross he carried was God-given, for on it he would die in the place of his people. Christ told all who would follow him that they must be cross…

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August 1997
Articles > Historical

Of whom the world was not worthy – John Blackadder

A frightened child was lying face down in the loft of his home. With one eye glued to a chink in the floorboards, he was watching with horror the scene being enacted in the room below. With bared swords soldiers were slashing through furnishings and thrusting their weapons into every conceivable hiding-place. Together with…

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July 1997

Missionary Spotlight – China

Features Third largest land-mass in the world: 3.5 million sq. miles. Highest population in the world: 1.2 billion. 67 million belong to ethnic minorities in border areas like Tibet and Inner Mongolia. Bounded by Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, India, Nepal, Myanmar, Vietnam, North Korea, Russia. Very high plateaux and mountains, as well as desert. Frequent…

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January 1970
Reviews > Book

Killing Fields Living Fields: Faith in Cambodia

Don’t be put off by the length of this book. It is a ‘must’ for every believer and Don Cormack’s easy style will grip the reader. But, emotionally, this is not easy to read. I read the original published in 1997; this edition is revised and updated. Two matters greatly impressed me. First, the…

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