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All articles & reviews tagged with political-correctness


February 2018
News > Persecution

Persecution UK – Tim Farron

Tim Farron MP, the former Liberal Democrat leader, says he was foolish to say homosexual sex is not a sin. Farron said he tried to ‘push away’ the controversy over his views during the last general election, by ‘giving an answer that, frankly, was not right’. In an interview with Premier Christian Radio, he…

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August 2017
Articles > Ecclesiological & Pastoral

Answering difficult questions (1)

We live in tricky times for Christian witness and living. There is hostility to the gospel and its proclamation. We see the hand of the evil one in laws against extremism manipulated against believers, even though their lifestyle is opposed to violence and they only aim to live out Christ’s words, ‘Love your enemies’.…

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