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January 1998
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Letter from America: Religion as a consumer product

In a recent Sunday edition of the Atlanta Journal (religion section) my interest was drawn to an entire article titled ‘A Growing Movement: Full-service churches offer programs and activities geared to America’s consumer culture’. The article went on to give an example, namely the First Baptist Church, Woodstock, Georgia. It described the church as…

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August 1997
United States of America

Letter from America

The dust has finally settled over Oklahoma City. The trial of Timothy McVeigh is over and sentence has been passed — the man will die in the electric chair. His co-conspirator Terry Nichols will soon also be tried and then, as far as the law is concerned, the matter will be over. Feelings ran…

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March 1995
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Letter from America: What of these people?

As the aircraft gently lifts off from Chicago, it leaves behind one of the busiest airports in the world. At first, it heads out over Lake Michigan before turning sharply around and flying back over Chicago. It is already dark outside, as I sit with my head pressed against the small window. Below, the…

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