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January 1999
Articles > World Mission > France

Missionary extraordinary – An appreciation of Bill Clark

Samuel William Clark, whose death at the age of sixty-six was announced in the December issue of Evangelical Times, knew from the age of sixteen that he was going to be a missionary. This interest blossomed when, at the age of nineteen and already engaged to his future wife Evelyn, he heard and met…

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September 1998
Articles > Historical

The Edict of Nantes

World Cup fever is just about over. Like most of the nation I followed the fortunes of Glen Hoddle’s men with great enthusiasm, but I was also intrigued to know that their base camp for the competition was at Nantes. Perhaps this ancient city had only a passing concern for most fans, but, for…

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December 1996
Articles > Cultural and Ethical

Peace – the answer to drugs

It was Saturday and I was sitting in the jam-packed chapel at the children's private school (nominally Catholic, with over twelve hundred students) with at least three hundred and fifty other parents, the vast majority of whom are well-educated members of the Marseille bourgeoisie. M. José B., the school's concerned and devoted headmaster, had…

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