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All articles & reviews tagged with scotland


September 1995
Articles > Historical

The beauties of Ralf Erskine

Wlan of Aberdeen published Ralf Erskine's writings under the above title, he was not thinking of the appearance of the man he admired but of the spiritual gems revealed in his fine sermons and poetry. Gentle James Hervey gave most of his books away but he kept Erskine's Gospel sonnets on his writing desk…

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June 1995
Reviews > Book

A book that changed me: The Annals of the Disruption

The book that has had the most profound impact on my life is a relatively obscure work about Scottish church history, The Annals of the Disruption by Thomas Brown, first published in 1884. I was given this book by my grandfather when I was a student at Edinburgh University studying history. Little did he…

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