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Auguste Lecerf

1872 - 1943

Lecerf, in fact, had no French blood in his veins. The illegitimate son of a Scottish nobleman, he was born in London into an unbelieving, partially Jewish, family. His mother was half Italian, half English.
Auguste lived in England before his parents returned to Paris. A childhood desire to find God led him to read the Bible and he was converted through reading Romans 9-11.
A few years later he purchased a copy of Calvin’s Institutes and became a Calvinist whilst still a teenager.
He studied at the Protestant Theological Faculty (PTF) in Paris, a seminary dominated by liberalism and founded to counterbalance the Evangelical Reformed seminary in Montauban.
Over the next three decades, Lecerf served as pastor to congregations in Normandy and Lorraine, as a chaplain in World War I, and then as a translator for the French Bible Society in Paris.

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