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Evangelicalism in Northern Ireland, 1967–2017

1967 - 2017

NI remains a divided society. When Ireland was given its independence in 1921, NI was created by drawing a border around six of the nine counties of the ancient province of Ulster. This was to satisfy political aspirations and preserve the religious identity of the Protestant community living in the north.

The Catholics in the newly created state felt increasingly disenfranchised and discriminated against, allegedly being treated as second-class citizens in what they regarded as their own country. At the same time, Protestants stressed their union with the rest of the United Kingdom. So Catholics looked to the new government in Dublin for their national identity and their nationalist aspirations and grievances spilled over into violence and to the terrorist campaigns that blighted the Province for over 30 years, but despite the Peace Agreement of 1998, the sectarianism still remains.