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Hugh Latimer

1487 - 1555

Hugh Latimer was a preacher and martyr of the English Protestant Reformation. Born around 1487 in Leicestershire to a wealthy farmer, he studied at the University of Cambridge, receiving his Masters of Arts in 1514, his ordination to priesthood in 1515, and his Bachelor of Divinity in 1524. He was converted to the Reformed faith after hearing the confession of the young Reformer Thomas Bilney, one of a group of Cambridge scholars who had embraced Luther’s gospel teachings. Through the reign of King Henry VIII, Latimer came into favour with the court for supporting the annulment of Henry’s marriage to Catherine of Aragon. He was Bishop of Worcester and a favourite preacher of the king from 1535 to 1539, but when he opposed Henry’s Six Articles, he was removed as bishop and imprisoned. During Edward VI’s reign, Latimer again found favour at court, becoming Edward’s chaplain, but when Catholic Mary Tudor came to the throne in 1553, Latimer was condemned for heresy, imprisoned, and in 1555 burned at the stake in Oxford along with Nicholas Ridley.

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