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Jacob ben Chayyim prepares the Second Great Rabbinic Bible in Venice

1524 - 1525

Jacob ben Chayyim prepared the Second Great Rabbinic Bible in Venice. This Hebrew Old Testament was used by the translators of the English Authorised Version and of the Dutch Statenvertaling.

First published in 1524–25 by Daniel Bomberg in Venice, the Mikraot Gedolot was edited by the masoretic scholar Jacob ben Chayyim

Jacob ben Chayyim was a scholar of the Masoretic textual notes on the Hebrew Bible, and printer. Born in Tunis (hence sometimes called Tunisi), he left his native country to escape the persecutions that broke out there at the beginning of the sixteenth century. After residing at Rome and Florence he settled at Venice, where he was engaged as corrector of the Hebrew press of Daniel Bomberg. Late in life he embraced Christianity. Jacob’s name is known chiefly in connection with his edition of the Rabbinical Bible (1524–25), which he supplied with Masoretic notes and an introduction which discusses the Masorah, qere and ketib, and the discrepancies between the Talmudists and the Masorah. The value of his activity as a Masorite was recognized even by Elijah Levita.