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Joined by daughter


Studd’s youngest daughter Pauline had married Norman Grubb, a young Cambridge student with a call to mission, and the newlywed couple joined Studd in Congo in 1920. They worked with him until his death in 1931, then took leadership of the World Evangelisation Crusade and later founded the Inter-Varsity Fellowship of Evangelical Unions. They adopted Studd’s radical faith-based practice and persevered through seeming failures to strengthen and extend Studd’s mission work across the world.

Key people


C. T. Studd

Charles Thomas Studd, often known as C. T. Studd, was a British missionary, a contributor to The Fundamentals, and a cricketer. In 1888, he married Priscilla Stewart, and their marriage produced four daughters, and two sons (who died in infancy). As a British Protestant Christian missionary to China he was part of the Cambridge…

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