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Return to Britain

1856 - 1858

Livingstone returned to Britain in 1856 to newfound fame as an explorer. He was presented with a medal by the Royal Geographical Society; published an account of his expedition, Missionary Travels; received honorary degrees from Oxford and Glasgow; became a British consul; and travelled Britain to deliver addresses about his work. Though during this time he left the London Missionary Society, he continued plans for further exploration of the African continent and raised support for those plans.

Key people


David Livingstone

David Livingstone  was a Scottish physician, Congregationalist, and pioneer Christian missionary with the London Missionary Society, an explorer in Africa, and one of the most popular British heroes of the late 19th-century Victorian era. He had a mythical status that operated on a number of interconnected levels: Protestant missionary martyr, working-class “rags-to-riches” inspirational story,…

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