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Sarah’s death


In August 1792, after giving birth to a daughter, Sarah Fuller passed away. For the final months of her pregnancy, she had suffered a sort of hysterical dementia and most of the time did not even recognise her own family. Fuller reflected on her death: ‘Poor soul! What she often said is now true. She was not at home…I am not her husband…these are not her children…but she has found her home…a home, a husband, and a family better than these.’ The daughter who was born was named Bathoni (Hebrew for ‘daughter of my sorrow’), and died three weeks later.

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Andrew Fuller

Andrew Fuller was an English Particular Baptist minister and theologian. Known as a promoter of missionary work, he also took part in theological controversy. Biography Fuller was born in Wicken, Cambridgeshire, and settled at Kettering, Northamptonshire. During his life, Fuller pastored two congregations — Soham (1775–1782) and Kettering (1782–1815), which is now the Fuller…

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