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Second return to Britain

1864 - 1865

Livingstone returned to Britain in 1864 to less celebrity than he had enjoyed the first time, due to the general failure of his second Zambezi expedition. But he published another book, A Narrative of an Expedition to the Zambesi, in part to defend his reputation against criticism he received over tensions, deaths, and failures among his fellow explorers and missionaries. He made new plans to explore the water system of central Africa and identify the source of the Nile.

Key people


David Livingstone

David Livingstone  was a Scottish physician, Congregationalist, and pioneer Christian missionary with the London Missionary Society, an explorer in Africa, and one of the most popular British heroes of the late 19th-century Victorian era. He had a mythical status that operated on a number of interconnected levels: Protestant missionary martyr, working-class “rags-to-riches” inspirational story,…

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