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W. B. Forsyth

1932 - 2006

It is 1932 in north-east Brazil. A young missionary is facing a hostile crowd summoned by the Roman Catholic priest to stop him preaching.

The priest calls out ‘What bishop ordained the preacher?’ The firm reply comes back, ‘The Lord Jesus Christ who said, ñGo into all the world and preach the gospel … the Lord Jesus Christ ordained me’. This provokes the priest and the stones begin to fly - forcing the missionary and his Brazilian colleagues to leave town.

Born on 30 July 1906, William Bannister (Ban) Forsyth had been in Brazil for just four years, but would remain for another 42, faithfully preaching the gospel. He was called to missionary service while singing a hymn during an evening service in February 1925 (he did not know the Lord at the time and only came to saving faith several months later!)

He spent two years at the Bible Training Institute in Glasgow. One of his lecturers was D. M. McIntyre, son-in-law to Andrew Bonar. He then did a further year at the Missionary School of Medicine.

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