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Worldwide Evangelisation Crusade


The Studds’ Heart of Africa Mission expanded its reach from 1916, when Priscilla had recovered from her illness and Charles returned to Africa once more. Sending missionaries not only to Africa, but to Central Asia, the Middle East, and South America, the society became known as the Worldwide Evangelisation Crusade. Studd continued his work in the Congo with ever worsening health, including several heart attacks, but his zeal was unabated.

Key people


C. T. Studd

Charles Thomas Studd, often known as C. T. Studd, was a British missionary, a contributor to The Fundamentals, and a cricketer. In 1888, he married Priscilla Stewart, and their marriage produced four daughters, and two sons (who died in infancy). As a British Protestant Christian missionary to China he was part of the Cambridge…

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