Youth Supplement – No lightning flash!

Rosanna McCurrie
01 July, 2008 2 min read

No lightning flash!

Hi! My name is Rosanna McCurrie and I am a Christian. I believe that everything in the Bible has been inspired by God and is the truth!

I’ve always believed in God, as I’ve gone to church and Sunday school all my life. I was brought up in a Christian family and knew about God from a very young age. But this did not make me a Christian. James 2:19 says that even the demons believe – and they’re certainly not Christians!

It was only when I was around eight that I realised my need to

Running scared

Although this scared me, I pushed it out of my mind. At school, at times, I would tell people about the Bible, but mostly that was something I avoided. When there were birthday parties on Sunday, I made up excuses as to why I couldn’t go – because I was too scared of what they would say if I told them that I was going to church.

But, of course, people found out, much to my dismay. I was scared of what they would say but the most I ever got was ‘Bible basher’, and even this was rare – although people were constantly trying to get me to swear!

When people asked me if I was a Christian, I

Set for heaven

The thought of going to hell was awful, and it made me cry to think of what Jesus did for me on the cross. I can’t remember an exact time, day, or even month. But at the age of around ten I gave my life to God.

All I did was pray and ask him to forgive my sins. I remembered how the Bible says that all I had to do was believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and I would be saved. I believed the things it said in the Bible. I believed that Jesus was God’s only Son who came to take the punishment for our sins, and I believed that I needed to be forgiven, or there would be no hope for me.

God was true to his promise and did save me! There was no lightning flash or anything like that. I just

Since then, God has never once been unfaithful to me. There are countless times when I have broken his law and been unfaithful to him, but he has never let me go. I know that on my own I cannot please God and can never get to heaven on my own. But the Holy Spirit can help me, strengthen me and point me in the right direction. And he does!


On 2 October 2005 I was baptised. This did not have some magical effect on me, but was a public testimony to how God had changed me. Sadly, not everyone who is baptised is a Christian. I know people who have been baptised but are not trusting Christ for salvation.

They think that baptism will get them to heaven, but Jesus said that

Although my testimony may be less spectacular than some people’s, it is a wonderful thing that Jesus has saved me. Every testimony is amazing if it relates the glorious things that God can do – save lost sinners. Ask Jesus to forgive your sins and come into your life, and he will.

When he comes our glorious King,

All His ransomed home to bring,

Then anew this song we’ll sing:

Hallelujah! What a Saviour!

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