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Right and wrong answers to suffering

Suffering is a reality we all experience. Although it is used by some to reject God’s existence, when properly understood,…

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22nd June 2017

‘I’m a creationist … get me out…

So you’re a Christian young person studying science? You believe in creation because that’s what the Bible teaches, but you’re…

16th June 2017

Bad news or good news?

Sometimes the news confronting evangelicals seems particularly bad, even appalling. Regular readers may have felt that way when reading, in…

16th June 2017

‘He shines in all that’s fair’

Psalm 24:1 proclaims, ‘The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it’. Our world was made by God and belongs…

23rd May 2017

Make it simpler?

Sometimes people urge preachers to make their preaching and Bible teaching simpler. Those who ask for this simplicity mean well.…

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Does Atheism Make Sense
John Blanchard

Twentieth-century secular pronouncements about the imminent death of belief in God proved premature. But what about the arguments of the ‘new atheists’? In six short chapters, the reader is led to consider the bankruptcy of atheism from the viewpoints of…

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A Time for Confidence
Stephen J Nichols

This is an easy book to read. Its subject matter is not so easy to practice. The theme, as the title suggests, is ‘confidence’. We are reminded that the word itself comes from two Latin words: con, meaning ‘with’, and fides, meaning ‘faith’; hence,…

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With Mercy and with Judgement
Matthew J Hyde

Much attention is being paid to World War 1 and it is important to study its impact on Christians. The Strict Baptists were a relatively small denomination in 1914, but Dr Matthew Hyde’s study gives illuminating insight into the impact…

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Jonathan Edwards & Transatlantic Print Culture
Jonathan Yeager

This is a must-read for every Edwards aficionado. It is a treasure trove of eighteenth-century publishing and the activities of booksellers. Some might be tempted to dismiss the garnered facts as mere minutiae, but we soon capture the theme undergirding…