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Coping with suffering

In responding to suffering, some Christians have wrongly thought that God can only meaningfully comfort us if he suffers with…

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August 2017

Fear and persecution

One of the signs of the end times, as predicted in Scripture, is the rise of fear within human hearts…

August 2017

‘Things that go bump in the night’

From 2 December 1716 onwards for several weeks, Rev. Samuel and Susanna Wesley, their seven daughters and household servants —…

July 2017

‘I’m a creationist … get me out…

So you’re a Christian young person studying science? You believe in creation because that’s what the Bible teaches, but you’re…

July 2017

Bad news or good news?

Sometimes the news confronting evangelicals seems particularly bad, even appalling. Regular readers may have felt that way when reading, in…

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Read Mark Learn – Luke Vol 1
William Taylor

These are study notes on Luke chapters 1-9. They are intended for use by small groups, but could be used for personal study. They are taken from sermons preached by the author, who is the rector at St Helen’s Bishopsgate,…

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Daddy tried: overcoming the failures of fatherhood
Tim Bayly

(5 Star) With good reason, theologian John Frame calls this ‘the best book on fathering currently in print’. Tim Bayly is an American pastor with over 30 years’ experience. He addresses fatherhood in the home, church and public square, with…

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How can I practice Christian Meditation
Joel Beeke

The 21st century is witness to an information revolution not seen since the invention of the printing press. The challenge for Christians today, faced with vast amounts of images, news feeds, social media and web surfing, is to keep all…

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Pulpit Aflame
Joel Beeke & Dustin Benge (Editors)

This is an excellent book. It should be put into the hands of every man feeling called to preach. It is also helpful for those who, by God’s grace, have been preaching for many years. There are still things to…