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Leonard Muggeridge — son of a famous…

Many of you will have heard of the writer and often controversial TV broadcaster Malcolm Muggeridge, but perhaps not many…

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December 2017

Society – Faith in Later Life

A new initiative was launched by five leading Christian charities — Pilgrims’ Friend Society, the Salvation Army, London City Mission,…

December 2017

If I were a wise man…

We don’t know very much about them. Matthew’s is the only Gospel to make mention of them, and they appear…

December 2017

Passchendaele — a lesson in mud

The green and pleasant little Belgian village of Passchendaele, just east of Ypres, has given its name to some of…

November 2017

Erroll Hulse —a beautifully proportioned life

The September 2017 edition of Evangelical Times reported on the homecall of Pastor Erroll Hulse (1931-2017). Dr Tom Nettles has…

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Evolution: still a theory in crisis
Michael Denton

Michael Denton is a British-Australian biochemist. This book is an update of his 1985 title, Evolution: a theory in crisis.  It contains many technical terms and more than 800 endnotes, referencing academic works in support of his thesis. However, the…

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The spirit of discovery — inspiring the new generation of scientific pioneers
Truth in Science

This is a high-quality production, aimed at correcting a problem arguably threatening the integrity of much of scientific education today: that science curricula and teachers stultify rather than encourage true science when it comes to evolutionary theory, since the latter…

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Grace Essentials
John Calvin

Christian Focus is to be commended for publishing a clear, concise and comprehensive compendium of John Calvin’s classic, The Institutes of the Christian religion. Systematic, biblical theology is presented in an accessible and appealing format. Using the ESV Bible text,…

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Fine Gold from Yorkshire
Faith Cook

Yorkshire is known for its food, athletes and cricketers. It should also be known for the number of notable Christians who have hailed from this county over the centuries. In Fine gold from Yorkshire, Faith Cook brings readers 21 biographies,…