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‘I shall not die, but live and…

In May 2017, I sent the completed manuscript of my recent book, Prayers of the Bible, to my publisher. In June,…

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February 2018

Reformation woman: Anna Reinhard

Katharina Luther looms large in any discussion about Protestant women during the Reformation. She earned her acclaim through her work…

February 2018


Dragonflies and damselflies are some of the most impressive fliers in the insect world and, with four wings individually controlled,…

February 2018

Amy Carmichael memorial

On 16 December 1867, missionary Amy Carmichael was born in Millisle in Northern Ireland. Some 150 years later a beautiful…

January 2018

The rainbow flag20

There was a time when the world was overwhelmed with wickedness and the evil of man spread across the face…

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Counsel to Gospel Ministers
John Brown

John Brown of Haddington (1722-1787) was one of the great ministers of the Scottish church during a dark period in her history. As a pastor, divinity professor and writer he did much for the spiritual good of his native land.…

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All you need to know about the Bible – Book 5
Brian H Edwards

This informative book is a joy to read and of great importance in restoring the confidence of the ordinary Christian in the Word of God. It is one of a set of six short books with the same title, All…

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The Trinity and the covenant of redemption
J. V. Fesko

Dr Fesko is a professor at Westminster Seminary in California. This Mentor book is the first of a proposed series of three, aimed at retrieving the classic Reformed doctrine of covenants. This project should meet enthusiastic approval, following current debates…

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Cornerstones of Salvation
Lee Gatiss

The title of this book quotes a phrase used in the text just three pages from the end. In a chapter examining John Wesley’s campaigns against Calvinism, Dr Gatiss warns that adulation for Wesley, merely on the grounds God used…