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November 2021

Family Matters Part 3: Marriage: happy ever after?

What have we learnt so far in this series? In the Christian home we’ve seen how Christ is the head, love must be at…

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November 2021
Successful germination

Last month we saw that God’s Word (the ‘seed’) bears lasting fruit when it encounters hearers with hearts prepared by…

November 2021
Damaged souls

It is a fundamental article of the Christian faith that each of us is born guilty and sinful. This truth…

November 2021
The state of the nation

I am not sure whether anyone is sufficiently qualified to make accurate and diagnostic comments on ‘The State of the…

November 2021
Crunch Points: drawing the line on movie…

My girlfriend and I like to watch films together, but I’m getting worried about the language and physical intimacy of…

Book reviews

Jesus in Jerusalem: Prelude to the cross
Robert Bashford

This is a most helpful and informative book in which, from all four Gospels, Robert Bashford examines the last week of Jesus’s ministry in Jerusalem. In a useful introduction, he suggests a chronological timetable and deals convincingly with the alleged…

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The History and Theology of Calvinism
Curt Daniel

This must be the most comprehensive study of the subject available today. It is difficult to think of any aspect of Calvinism that is not covered. It is divided into two major sections. The first covers the history, and ranges…

Searching Our Hearts in Difficult Times
John Owen

It is difficult to do this book justice in a review – the only way to grasp how helpful it is will be to read it for yourself. John Owen has a reputation for writing in a style that is…

An Introduction to John Owen: A Christian vision for every stage of life
Crawford Gribben

This unusual yet valuable book is not a biography of the influential Puritan. Rather its purpose – which it achieves capably – is ‘to discover the kind of life he hoped his readers would experience’ (p.13). Drawing on Owen’s extensive…

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