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February 2019

Warning over government’s Sunday school safeguarding consultation

Warning bells have been sounded over the government’s plans to introduce a ‘voluntary’ safeguarding code of conduct for out of…

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February 2019

Thinking it through: Crying out for justice

For the next twelve months, we have asked Stephen Rees – an experienced pastor – to share some thoughts on…


February 2019

What is the transgender agenda?

No one can ignore the current demands for ‘transsexual rights’. Both the UK and Scottish governments are considering proposals to…


February 2019

Jeremy Hunt calls for review into global…

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has acknowledged the ‘dramatic rise in violence’ against Christians globally, and launched an independent review to…


February 2019

Mother threatened by social workers after she…

A mum who raised concerns that her daughter, 14, was being encouraged to change her gender has been threatened by…

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The Grace of Shame: 7 Ways the Church Has Failed to Love Homosexuals
Tim Bayly

By God’s grace, the authors’ church ministry has led a large number of homosexuals to repentance and godly living. This change has involved more than simply abstaining from prohibited sexual activities, but a turning from the sin of ‘effeminacy’ (1…

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Can We Trust the Gospels?
Peter J. Williams

This is almost unique as an apologetic resource. Christians usually must choose between big books which are scholarly or popular books which are simplistic. This book presents robust arguments that ordinary people can follow. In eight digestible chapters Williams serves…

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Strength for the Weary
Derek W H Thomas

Are you weary, fellow pilgrims? Then let the ordained writer, Isaiah, speak to you in graphic terms through Dr Thomas, especially from chapters 40-46. Upon receipt of this book, I soon became engrossed. In keeping with its title, my own…

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In the Footsteps of King David: Revelations from an Ancient Biblical City
Yosef Garfinkel

Until the publication of In the footsteps of King David, the prevailing approach to biblical archaeology has often been denial of the factuality of biblical texts. From 2007 to 2013, a team of archaeologists (led by the authors of this…