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October 2018

The number one reason youth leave the…

When churches find a dearth of young people in the congregation, it is never long before questions start being asked.…

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October 2018

Deathly hallows: A Christian response to Halloween

Every Halloween, rubber skeletons, plastic skulls and various grisly, ghostly and ghoulish items appear in the windows of pubs, clubs,…

October 2018

COMMENT: Boris, burkas and bans

The discussion sparked by Boris Johnson’s burka comments raises some important points. I want to defend religious freedom, so I…

September 2018

Praise and prayer: reflections on Psalm 134

Psalm 134, which has only three verses, is the last of the fifteen psalms with the heading ‘A Song of…

September 2018

Responding to the attack on the family

It’s some months now since I read a headline in The Daily Telegraph.  “We should applaud the end of the…

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COMMENT: Boris, burkas and bans


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Universe – Time, Space, Life, God
Nigel Faithfull

Everyone has questions on big issues. This title provides fascinating insights into four common areas of such questions: time, space, life and God. The four areas are addressed separately, each section giving scientific details (where relevant) as well as quotations…

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The Gospel-Shaped Life
Ian Hamilton

Some readers may be familiar with Ian Hamilton’s earlier work, The Faith-Shaped Life — a series of 43 short pieces examining dimensions of our faith as believers in Jesus. The Gospel-Shaped Life follows the same pattern. It aims ‘to explore…

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The Doctor Who Became a Preacher: Martyn Lloyd-Jones (Banner Board Books)
Rebecca VanDoodewaard

This is a cracking little board book for reading to very young children. It shows how doctors help people who are sick, before relating how Martyn Lloyd-Jones chose to preach the good news instead, with many people coming to hear…

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Triumphant Love: The contextual, creative and strategic missionary work of Amy Beatrice Carmichael in south India
J (Hans) Kommers

The following information has been provided by Chris Kavanagh, director of the Dohnavur Fellowship Corporation. Dr Jacky Woolcock, who served in Dohnavur 1969–1987 writes, ‘I met Dr Kommers in the Dohnavur UK office in 2015, being offered to read the…