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January 2022

GUEST COLUMN: The seed of the gospel

During the previous two articles in this column, we have examined Jesus’s parabolic teaching about seeds. But the word ‘seed’ in Scripture stands for…

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January 2022
FAMILY MATTERS: Part 4 – Bringing up…

In this four-part series, Pastor Alan Hill considers what the Bible has to say about family life. All in a…

January 2022
THINKING IT THROUGH: Christian friendship: A gift…

One of my dearest friends has departed from this world. You will read elsewhere in ET an appreciation of Alec…

January 2022
How to prepare for the metaverse

Henry Ford didn’t set out to create megachurches. But before the advent of the personal vehicle, most Christians seeking a…

January 2022
I believe in God

Many people in Western Europe embrace secular humanism. They reject religion and believe in the freedom to set one’s own…

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