Become a church agent today

Become a church agent today

If you get, or already have, three or more people in your  church subscribing to ET each month, you can become a church agent and receive all these benefits.

Save money

Save £4.95 per person per year compared to an  individual annual subscription.

Be first

Church agents generally get their bundle of papers earlier than others, so you’ll be ahead.

Serve others

Some churches pay or subsidise ET subscriptions from  their own funds to encourage Christian reading.

Enjoy flexibility

You can add or remove subscribers from your church  agent bundle at any point in the year to update your monthly rolling subscription. Just login to the agent subscriber portal to change quantities.

Getting started is easy

You can get started now by clicking the easy payment button below to set up your subscription.

ET Newspaper delivered monthly

Agent (3+) Multiple Copies Monthly Subscription

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What is a church agent?

A church agent is a volunteer within a church who co-ordinates the  distribution of copies of ET to subscribers in that church. It’s cheaper,  simpler, and quicker to send one bundle of papers to an agent. Those  benefits are passed on to the subscribers.

How much does it cost?

3 copies to one address £18.00 per person per year. That’s the same as the cover price, but with no postage costs. By comparison, an individual postal subscription would be £22.95 per person per year.

How do I pay?

Just sign up for an agent subscription to pay by card or direct debit. Your monthly subscription will be paid automatically. Some churches pay for the copies from church funds and give out to members/attendees/adherents to encourage them  to read Christian material.

Can I make changes?

You can add or remove subscribers at any point during the year using the agent subscriber portal. You can cancel your church agent subscription at any point, as long as you notify us of the change before the relevant issue goes to press. We will only charge you for copies that have been sent.

How do I get started?

You can get started now by clicking here or on the subscribe  button above.

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