Advertise in ET

Churches, Christian organisations and businesses can reach and grow their audience by advertising with Evangelical Times in print and online to reach thousands of Christians.

Please read our Terms and Conditions for advertisers. 

Discounts for combined hardcopy and digital advertising

Reach a wider audience with a combined campaign. We offer up to a 20% discount on digital advertising when taken in combination will full-price hardcopy display advertising. Get in touch with the ET team to request details.


Website and email advertising

Site-wide banner

£300 for a 4-week block placed on all pages, including our high-traffic homepage and church finder page, and all articles. Discounts are available to charities and for package purchases.

All posts

£150 for a 4-week block placed on all news, church news, reviews and feature articles. Discounts are available to charities and for package purchases.

Email adverts

£200 for a block of four weeks in ET's popular weekly newsletter email, which reaches thousands of evangelical Christians.

Digital ad pack

£280 per 4-week block for a combined set of website (All posts) and email advertising. Additional discounts may apply, contact us to find out more.

Typically, a large website or email footer banner is 600px x 300px and a standard footer banner is 600px x 90px, in jpg or png format. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Need help with digital artwork? We can prepare artwork at a cost of £50. For first-time advertisers, we will waive this charge.

In print

Display Adverts

Rates for display adverts are illustrated above (Ex. VAT)
Charities (whether Registered or not) are not liable to pay VAT on advertisements. Please let us know if you are advertising as a charity. If you do not notify us of charitable status, we must add VAT.

Series Discounts

Applies only to bookings made at one time in any twelve-month period:
3-5 bookings: 10%
6-11 bookings: 15%
12 bookings: 20%

5% Charity discount for Registered or Excepted charities.

Submitting artwork for print?

Please submit artwork in print-ready digital formats (e.g. pdf, tiff). Please enquire if you need artwork prepared for display adverts larger than 1/4 page or artwork converted from hardcopy sources.

Free artwork preparation is available for all hardcopy display advertisements of a 1/4 page or less. Contact us to discuss your needs.
Solus Display charged at additional 15%

Inserts in the Evangelical Times newspaper

Inserts are charged at £95 per 1,000 (up to max. weight of 10 grams, with supplement charged for additional weight inserts).

Contact our office to find out more about placing an insert in the Evangelical Times. Discounts offered for series and charity status bookings - contact us to find out more.

Classified adverts

Up to 20 words (min. charge) £11.50 (£13.80 VAT inc.)

Each additional word 56p (67p VAT inc.)

Box number £5.00 (£6.00 VAT inc).

Discount: 10% discount on booking a block of six or more entries within a year. Ask us about this discount when you contact ET about your advert.

Adverts from charities will not normally be liable for VAT, but most other advertisers should use the VAT inc. figures.
Classified advertisements should reach us by the first of the month preceding the issue for which they are submitted.