365 Days with Spurgeon

365 Days with Spurgeon
365 Days with Spurgeon
Tim Burden
01 August, 2011 1 min read

365 daily readings? Are you thinking: ‘Not another “through the year” book’; or, ‘Next year, but not now’?

Think again! This book will delight those who use such devotional aids and love Spurgeon, but its indexes also help make it into a valuable resource book. Each day we are given a title, text, reading, extract from one of Spurgeon’s later sermons and prompt for meditation.

The meditation is usually a verse of the hymn sung when the sermon was preached, but sometimes it is a few words with fresh thoughts and challenges.

True to Spurgeon’s preaching method, each day takes us to a different place in Scripture, although sometimes a theme lingers for two or three days — themes like gospel promises, prayer, preaching ministry and Christian comfort.

There are treasures of wisdom throughout. June 28’s reading is entitled, ‘Ruth’s reward: or cheer for converts’. It encourages older Christians from the example of Boaz encouraging Ruth. Spurgeon urges great care in how we treat young converts: ‘Deal tenderly with their budding graces; a frosty sentence may nip them; a genial word will develop them’.

There is a subject index (as in a hymn book) and a scripture index, showing good coverage of the whole Bible. These are followed by an analysis of where and when sermons were preached.

The final addition is Spurgeon’s top 100 hymns. Not surprisingly, ‘There is life for a look at the Crucified One’ was his number 1!

Using the subject index under ‘The Godhead’ — ‘God the Father’ — ‘Economy’, we are directed to 30 October. Turning to it, we find this gem: ‘If we are only fragments, our place is not the ground, but the basket … Even crumbs are dear to hungry men … What a wonderful thing this is — Omnipotence picking up crumbs!’

However you use it, there will be blessing from this book.

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