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Afraid of God?

Afraid of God?
Stuart Olyott
Stuart Olyott Retired, but active, Stuart Olyott preaches widely, but especially at Caergwrle Evangelical Church.
24 July, 2022 3 min read

Mr O, may I ask you a question that I’ve never asked anybody before?

The answer is obviously yes. But I’m intrigued.

I don’t want to be too intrusive or personal; but are you ever afraid of God?

Before I answer, I would really like to know where this question has come from. What has prompted it?

It’s quite simple, really. The other day, when I was out walking by the river, I was thinking about God. I was thinking about his eternity and how he has always existed. Then I began to think about the fact that the whole of his being is present in all places; that he is always the same; that he knows everything; that he is holy and just and strict and powerful and wise and inescapable… I could feel my heart racing and I began to be a bit dizzy.

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