Amos: The Shepherd Prophet

Amos: The Shepherd Prophet
Philip Eveson Philip Eveson is a former Principal of the London Theological Seminary (LTS) and was one of the four original faculty members. The subjects he has taught at LTS have included the Biblical Languages, E
24 November, 2022 1 min read

Author: Alan Harman
Publisher: Banner of Truth Trust
176 pages
Purchase from: Amazon (£6.75)

This work is more likely to be used by ministers and theological students, judging by the contents, which have many references to the transliterated Hebrew text and grammatical notes of a more technical nature.

The blurb on the back cover also states that the application sections that appear throughout the commentary will be of particular help to preachers. Is this a new departure for the Banner of Truth? Previous modern commentaries have tended to be aimed at the average Christian.

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