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And so I began to read

And so I began to read
Joseph Hewitt Joe Hewitt is a retired pastor, living in Holland-on-Sea.
31 July, 2016 1 min read

This latest of Faith Cook’s books is autobiographical and reveals difficult periods in her life. These include when she was a mother of five small children, as well as a four-year period during which her husband was unwell and unable to minister.

Faith is certainly gifted poetically and a writer of repute. In this book she opens up about difficulties in her spiritual life and honestly shares how she has been blessed and uplifted. She makes particular reference to John Bunyan and his writings, as well as to Samuel Rutherford. The latter author’s letters written to people in great distress was of great benefit to her.

In this slim and readable volume there are 14 chapters, as follows: ‘Before you begin to read’; ‘At first’; ‘Changed perspectives’; ‘When reading time is scarce’; ‘By-path meadow’; ‘The power of hymns’; ‘An unforgettable night’; ‘A night of weeping’; ‘The printed page — my pastor’; ‘When darkness veils His lovely face’; ‘I rest on his unchanging grace’; ‘And then I began to write’; ‘To be a pilgrim’, and ‘O love that will not let me go’.

I warmly commend this book to all, whether young or old, male or female. To quote the apostle Paul in Romans 1, we Christians are ‘called to be saints and also to comfort one another, by the mutual faith both of you and me.’

Let us seek to share more by using books from the past, encouraged by Faith Cook’s example to write and read the works of others.

Joseph Hewitt


Joe Hewitt is a retired pastor, living in Holland-on-Sea.
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