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Anne Boleyn: One short life that changed the English-speaking world (History Today)

Anne Boleyn: One short life that changed the English-speaking world (History Today)
Anne Boleyn
Pam Newton Pam lives in Whitby.
01 February, 2008 1 min read

For many, Anne Boleyn’s story is influenced by her depiction in films and books about her life. But these portrayals seldom make mention of her spiritual life or the part she played in the history of Christianity in this country.

This little book is subtitled ‘One short life that changed the English-speaking world’ and the author’s aim is to demonstrate Anne’s considerable contribution to the Reformation in England. It also seeks to give a fuller historical picture, revealing both her strengths and weaknesses.

Anne was influenced by the reformed faith of Marguerite d’Angoulême during her teenage years at the French court, and learnt more of reformed teaching through reading. Anne came to believe that the Bible should be available for everyone to read, and her influence on Henry VIII when she became his wife enabled the translation of the Bible into English to proceed.

More of a study-book than a biography, this is not a book to be read at one sitting, but one to use more as a work of reference. It is well written and informative and the author is meticulous in recording his sources of references.

Generally, a useful and well-presented little book.

Pam lives in Whitby.
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