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01 July, 2011 1 min read


A report commissioned by Prime Minister David Cameron has detailed ways in which children are over-sexualised and suggests ways to halt the moral decline.
   The report, called Let children be children, outlines proposals to reduce the sexual imagery in music, advertising and clothing that is targeted towards children, for example, by removing overtly sexual references on t-shirts and bags.
   There are recommendations for retailers to sign up to a voluntary code of practice to ensure that children’s clothes are not ‘scaled-down versions of adult fashion’, and agree that displays do not contain sexualised photography or images.
   The report suggests ensuring that placement of billboards and other advertising with sexual imagery should be kept away from schools, while advertisers and TV moguls should take greater note of the 9.00pm watershed.
   However, according to a Daily Telegraph comment, the report — which is the fourth to address the issue of sexualised images and clothes aimed at children — might have little effect. This is because voluntary standards are simply that — voluntary, and making them enforceable is nigh impossible.
   The comment read: ‘The drive behind this project is of fundamental importance, and we hope that retailers and other commercial organisations agree to follow the report’s recommendations. If nothing is done, the bombardment of our children with inappropriate and sexualised material will continue, to the detriment of their development and our culture’.

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