Appreciating ET International

Daniel Kimeu
01 April, 2008 2 min read

Appreciating ET International

ET International (ETI) is the 16 page airmail edition ofEvangelical Times that is sent overseas to anyone who is willing to distribute five or more copies in their locality. The paper itself is free of charge but the distributors (or agents) pay for the airmail postage. Some agents have UK ‘sponsors’ who pay the postage on their behalf.

The idea behind ETI is that affordable reformed literature is often unavailable in third-world countries and this paper is one way to fill this gap. However, ETI also circulates in places like USA and Australia where there is nothing quite like Evangelical Times available.

Is this ministry effective? Does it justify the cost and effort involved? Yes, and from time to time we receive letters from agents that make it all very worth while! Here is an example that we hope will encourage readers to pray for and support this work.

How can you help? First, by sending ET the names and addresses of people overseas who might be interested in becoming agents. Second, by agreeing to sponsor one or more agents who cannot afford to pay the postage.

Pastor Daniel Kimeu writes from Kenya:

Grace to you and peace from God the Father and our blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I hope you are well kept of the Lord.

Thanks a lot for both your letter dated 1 November 2007 and the 100 copies of ETI. I am sorry for not replying to your letter earlier butI had not paid for myPost Office Box for November and December, so I couldn’t receive my letters till the end ofJanuary.I have worked hard to pay and Ican once againreceive my letters as normal.

We are benefiting so much in reading this ETInternational.Therefore I congratulate you so muchforyour goodvision of reaching many people with this Christian literature — especially like us who are far off and missing such biblical literature around us.

Many nowhere are ableto getthe true biblical teaching in these papers, even people we couldn’t reach in normal evangelism. The good God continue to strengthen you for this noble task. The Lord be glorified in thisministry.

For now I am not goingto provide other contact names, because the people who are ready for and needing the papers, I can reach by working in a local way — which I think is going to be cheaper than you sending to them directly fromUK. Those whom I find difficulties to reach, I will sent to you their contact details.

We are praying for you and for allyour ministry. Pray for us aswell, and above all forspiritual effect of the gospel preaching. Thanks a lot my dear brethren!

Your brother in Kenya and your fellow labourer in Christ Jesus.

Pastor Daniel W. Kimeu, Namanga

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